Regulation Cables

Regulation Cables

Please choose from the following types of regulation cables that best fits your needs. There are 4 different types of regulation cables that we offer.

The first and most basic are our Generic Camera Cables that include either a 2.1mm or 2.5mm connector to various dummy batteries and barrel connectors. These cables can be used from any power source that has a 2.1mm/2.5mm power output.

The next and most popular out of all of our cables are our D-Tap Regulation Cables. These cables all feature in-line regulation which allows for the user to avoid any video noise/ overheating to your camera.

Next we have manufactured a special type of d-tap regulation cable called our Mini-Tap Cable Series. These cables are very similar to our d-tap regulation cables but instead of your standard d-tap we incorporate a mini-tap which includes an 5v usb output as well as an female d-tap output which allows the user to power an additional device.

Lastly our new line of SafeTap Cable Series all include a safety d-tap which provides the user with information regarding their power source and connection to your device. For more information about all of the different functionalities of this line of cables click their link below.

All of these Indipro cables are assembled and tested right here in our New York facilities. These cables are compatible with most of the popular brands in the industry such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Blakcmagic, RED, Nikon as well as many others. For more information about any of our cables please contact for any additional inquiries.