SafeTap Regulation Cables

SafeTap Regulation Cables
These following regulation cables all incorporate the revolutionary The SafeTap Connector from Lentequip. The SafeTap Connector is an active D-tap battery connector which features a built-in multi-colored LED indicator to provide feedback on reverse polarity, over/under voltage, and short-circuit conditions which can damage your battery or your attached equipment. A sleep mode is activated at 10V, indicated by a blue light, to guard your battery against deep discharge. This feature prevents your power source from draining into the damaging extreme low voltage zone should you inadvertently leave a powered accessory unattended. The chart below breaks down each colors function.
Multi-Color LED
Pulsating Green: All systems are good, and the input voltage is between 11 and 18V
Fast Flashing Orange: Input voltage exceeds 18V (power output disabled)
Slow Flashing Orange: Input voltage is at or just below 11V, indicating a low battery
Blue: Input voltage is at 10V or less (power output disabled)
Red: 8A current limit exceeded (power output disabled)
Fast Flashing Red: SafeTap is plugged in backwards (power output disabled)
Purple: Too hot (power output disabled)